All About Me


I started out my teaching life as a science teacher. Over ten years working in a variety of secondary schools, I used a wide variety of technologies to support learning in my classroom. This interest in using technology to support learning and engage students enabled me to develop my career in a slightly different direction. From April 2005 to August 2010, I worked as an ICT Consultant in a city learning centre. This role involved supporting around 100 schools, primary, secondary and special education, in developing new technologies in a whole variety of creative technologies. This experience enabled me to develop a very wide understanding of how creative technologies can be succesfully embedded into the curriculum.
During my time at the city learning centre, I worked extensively with Apple hardware and software. In 2008, I became an Apple Distinguished Educator. In this role, I have been lucky enough to work with teachers, school leaders and students all over the UK and Europe. I am regularly asked to run workshops for Apple to show teachers and school leaders how Apple technologies can be used to enhance and transform learning and teaching.
I currently work at the International School of Stavanger as Director of Technology. Since August 2010, I have been leading an extensive development programme at the school, improving access to technology and working with teachers to effectively use technology to enhance and transform learning. We currently have an extensive 1:1 iPad programme involving over 400 students, and over 100 teaching staff.
A self confessed technology geek, I have a deep interest in how technology can be used to transform the learning process and give students important skills for the future. Technology enables us to do some truly amazing things, but never before have we been so unsure of what the future holds. One thing is for sure, students will need to be technology literate as technology imbues more and more aspects of their lives. I am deeply committed to doing what I can to help school leaders, teachers and students see the benefits that learning with technology can bring.


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