Gripcase – simply marvellous!

I’ve been meaning to write a post about these fabulous iPad cases for a while. I originally was first shown these by an ADE friend in October 2011, and immediately ordered some for use at school. Gripcase is made by a US company and is really well designed from a great and very strong material.


I originally bought these cases for use in our Primary School – we have shared sets of iPads in charging cases and so any protection needs to be quick and easy to put on for teachers and provide 5 year old proof protection for the iPad during a whole variety of activities and environments –  not a lot to ask for then!

Check out this video from Ciaran McCormack demonstrating some of the more unique case properties of the Gripcase.

Since then, they have also found their way into our music department for their set of iPads. Again being easy to put the case on, but also the nice big handles, ability to stack and shock absorbing properties prove useful in an unconventional classroom environment (our band room has numerous chairs and instruments but little in the way of desk space).

On occasions, Gripcase has also been used (or should that read abused?) by our science department. An iPad in a Gripcase swinging on a rope from the ceiling makes an excellent pendulum, and combined with a data logging app such as Globilab or Sparkvue and the built in accelerometers on the iPad, providing great opportunities for physics investigations while protecting the iPad 🙂


I was lucky enough to meet the Gripcase guys, Brian and Matt at BETT this year. Extremely lovely guys and a great product. I was also able to get a sneak preview of the iPad mini Gripcase (due to hit distributors and website soon) and they also shared another nice accessory for your Gripcase, which I used pretty much all week. A stackable stand which also allows you to position your iPad at different angles for more comfortable typing or playing music for example.


As Ciaran shows in his video demonstration, the Gripcase provides huge amounts of protection and means our primary teachers can take iPads outside and around school filming without fear of breakages and the handles make it much easier for little hands to move iPads around the classroom. A really great investment, which I’m sure has saved more than the odd iPad at school! I can’t wait for my iPad mini case to arrive either!